Inheritance Pods

“It’s important to me that my parents and grandparents are safe, and it’s important to me that all their photographs and downloads are safe. So that I am able to share everything about them with my own children.”

Everyone wants to ensure their property and assets are safe and secure for their own family. But in today’s digital world so much is stored in the cloud and on so many other digital platforms, so many different places people have difficulty remembering what we have stored or where. And then there’s all those different passwords, too many! How would anyone else know what they were, how would you pass them on?

pod2Do you want to lose all those photos that you stored in the cloud?
Or all the books and music you have bought and downloaded?

Think about it!



How can you ensure that all your digital collections are safe for future generations?

The answer is – a Mondegreen Inheritance Pod

  • Make sure that so much of who and what you are is maintained and passed on to your loved ones
  • Make life easier for your family
  • Ensure that your digital belongings are not lost
  • Ensure that the essence of your digital history is preserved
  • Ensure that your family inherit your digital stock
  • Ensure that your children and your children’s children will be able to enjoy your memories forever