Mondegreen Personal Life Weavers

Your own personal Life Weaver, on hand 24 hours a day to curate your online persona and public image.

Everyday our Life Weavers work with clients from different places, industries and walks of life. Some of our clients are huge players in the worlds of politics, entertainment, fashion and real estate. It’s our job to handle their and their family’s online identity and persona.

Your Life Weaver can also broker Sponsorship agreements that can be of great benefit.

Everything will be monitored by our Life Weavers. They will look after every aspect of your continuously accumulating digital trove and ensure it only contains the appropriate select information. 

Specialist Child and Emerging Adult Weavers

social-logosKeep your Child and Emerging Adult digitally safe and secure from digital predators and from their own unsafe digital decisions.

Our specialist Weavers are fully trained in child developmental psychology and will monitor your child’s digital interactions across all platforms 24hrs a day over the course of their whole life. These excellent specialist Weavers will maintain a guiding and influential role and support your child and emerging adult’s cognitive development in areas such as moral and conceptual understanding and social, personality and emotional development leading to them forming a strong, secure and confident identity.

The Child and Emerging Adult Weavers will keep you as their parent or guardian fully informed of progress and any potential digital dilemmas that require intervention and digital navigation.