Mondegreen Body Image Disruptor

Want to change the way people see you?      The only restriction is your own imagination.

With a Mondegreen Body Image Disruptor you can automatically alter your bodily appearance and ensure that other people see you as you want to be seen. You can download thousands of different body illustrations to use with your BID. There is a wide ranging choice from human, alien, animal, plant, mineral, shape, robotic and the list goes on.

In addition to the existing body illustrations by top fashion houses and celebrity artists the BID digital architecture allows for the use of individual designs of your own choosing. Body illustrations come in all shapes and sizes, the only restriction is your own imagination.

Mondegreen BID Illustration Award Event

As part of your package you will receive an invitation to our annual Mondegreen BID Illustration Award Event. This year the event will be taking place at the Louvre in Paris with a number of Awards being presented including Emerging Accessory BID Designer and the Mondegreen Award for Best Body Illustration Creator.

BID’s come in a choice of beautiful wearable designs such as pendants, necklaces and lapel pins and can be made from a variety of precious metals and ceramics.


Embedded in each BID is our exclusive GreenLight wireless interface which will link directly to your embedded or external mobile communication node ensuring smooth transmission of the Body Illustration.

Once in place and activated your BID will completely transform your body image in a way that is totally seamless and indistinguishable from your natural form.

BID embodiment blends digital and real worlds into one.

Join BID and transform!