Mondegreen Embrace

Mondegreen know that isolation and social withdrawal can cause depression and other related conditions. Connect again through Mondegreen Embrace. We have found that clients with a personal atavar gain confidence to reconnect with new people and activities and eventually become more outgoing and fulfilled.

Once you join Mondegreen Embrace your personal avatars remain ready for activation whenever they are needed. They are updated on your physical and mental health on a regular basis through confidential medical protocols. Your digital trove is accessible by your avatars at levels with which you are comfortable. However remember the more your avatars understand you, the better companions they become.

Your avatar’s personality develops as you both get to know each other and they are also able to learn and adjust their behavior – always with you in mind. ME avatars are also able to access, with your permission, stored historical digital troves to inhabit the personalities and habits of a particular person you might want to regenerate.

ME avitars can also support people coping with dementia by generating particular friends or family to provide comfort and companionship.