Mondegreen Specialist Enrichment Applications (SEA)

For those people who want the best, unforgettable experiences with unmatched personal service.

Enjoy access to the full range of Mondegreen exclusive life enhancing destinations and unique private events.


Gain priority and make your life special!

Our Specialist Application Functions have flexible membership options to suit different circumstances. There are also special rates for joint and family memberships.

Art and Cultural

Exclusive entrance into a range of high quality arts and cultural buildings, performances and events. Enjoy experiences, museums, art galleries, stately homes, botanical gardens and much, much more now no longer available to the surplus general public who do not invest in digital prestige.

Exclusive Designer and Food Shopping

Only clients with this SEA will be able to gain access to high quality shopping centres and designer avenues across the country and abroad. With this SEA there is no need to mix with the less digitally and fiscally advanced.

High Quality Health Service

Want the best in health care? With this SEA you will be able to access the best consultants, private hospitals, medicines and treatments unavailable on the NHS. This SEA ensures that you and others who hold the same values can receive the best service to extend and improve your life and wellbeing.

Exclusive Maternity, Child Care and Nanny Services.

Give your child the very best start in life. We can provide professionally trained high caliber staff for all your maternity and childcare needs. Make sure your child makes the best of their talents and lay the foundations for their prosperous and successful digital future world ambitions.

Superior Educational Foundations

Ensure your child and emerging adult receives the best education. A fantastic choice of private high quality educational foundations across the world will be at your fingertips, exclusive access with this SEA. Ensure your child makes friends with other young people with whom they can relate effectively in the digital and real world. These important early contacts with likeminded young people and their families will reap huge benefits in your child’s future by making sure they build the right networks for their forthcoming careers.

Award Winning Fitness Facilities

Has the magic of your local leisure centre faded? Looking for something better, cleaner and more exclusive? This SEA gives you fitness innovation in superb exclusive facilities for those who appreciate quality and personal service.

Unforgettable Holidays

Luxury vacations and once in a lifetime experiences are yours with this SEA. Enjoy access to our amazing portfolio of stunning resorts and private clubs around the world. Want to indulge yourself? We can help you customize your perfect getaway and adventure designed with you in mind.

We have many more SEA opportunities – forever evolving

If you are interested in our highest level of membership including premier platinum SEA access for exclusive clients only, please contact our SEA Personal Relationship Manager for a private consultation